Lo-Chlor - 5L Tile and Vynil Cleaner

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Advanced Formulation CLEANER That Can Be Used On ALL POOL SURFACES


  • Cleans grime, oil, grit and scum off swimming pool surfaces and tile lines
  • Ideal for cleaning water line stains
  • Does not affect water balance
  • Will not cloud water
  • Ideal for all domestic and commercial application
  • Available in easy to use spray pack
  • Removes organic deposits

Important Notes:

  • If using for long periods of time the Lo-Chlor team suggest you wear gloves
  • Product is highly alkaline
  • Use on bathroom tiles and around the house
  • New formulation now more than twice as strong
  • Available in bulk sizes for commercial applications


  • Apply as required.


**Image is of a 750mL bottle not the 5L tub it comes in.