Microbiological Testing

Microbiological hazards in pools can cause serious illness in humans, let alone reputational damage and expensive down time.

Did you know Queensland Health’s water quality guidelines for public aquatic facilities were recently amended? These guidelines mandate microbiological testing at a set frequency depending on your facilities risk rating.

  • Low risk and medium risk facilities are defined as retirement village pools, residential apartments or diving pools, 25m and 50m pools, Hydrotherapy operations, school or university pools, gym pools, resort, holiday or motel pools and theme park pools with quarterly microbiological testing required
  • High risk pools include spas, pools with water features including shallow depth, wading pools, learn to swim pools, waterslides, artificial lagoons and any pool used by incontinent people with monthly microbiological testing required
  • Where a facility falls into multiple risk categories for various pools, the overall facilities testing regime is based on the highest individual risk rating

Halogen Pools recommend a scheduled microbiological service for the big 3 (e coli, pseudomonas and plate count) at the required intervals as per the Queensland Health’s Heaths water quality requirements. We offer a sliding discounted scale depending on the number of pools for testing and provide a comprehensive water chemistry analysis and report.

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