Halogen Pools Swim School Pool Servicing

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Did you want to be a leader in swim school pool health and water safety?

Halogen Pools are the experts in swim school aquatics and use the latest technology to comprehensively test and balance your water chemistry, making you the envy of all Learn to Swim operators.

Poor water quality leads to greater risk of illness, which equals downtime, damage to business and loss of revenue!

Our solutions include preventative maintenance solutions to maximise the life of your pool assets and microbiological water analysis – required by Queensland Health for any operator of a Learn to Swim program every month!

Halogen Pools can also help with filtration system development to provide the best possible water quality solutions or help you manage pre-existing infrastructure to provide cost effective outcomes. Examples include combined chlorine management, automated dosing systems, super chlorination, backwash frequency, fresh-water injection, water transfer or secondary sanitisation options.

Halogen Pools has decades of experience providing regular comprehensive support to a significant volume of Learn to Swim pools in South East Queensland. Get on board with the Halogen Pools team today!

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