AquaPure - 1kg Black Spot Algae Remover

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AquaPure Black Spot Algae Remover is a 90% sodium trichlor algaecide for treatment of black spot and stubborn algae issues.

Only to be used in pebblecrete, white plaster and tiled pools. 


AquaPure Blackspot Algae Remover has a high chlorine / low pH.

  • Highly concentrated, contains 900g/kg of sodium trichlor

  • Effective against blue-green and black algae

  • Non-metallic

  • Not affected by high levels of chlorine

  • Low pH promotes better performance

  • Kills black spot ‘blue-green' algae

  • Granules can be directed towards the affected area

  • Dissolves slowly to stay in contact with the affected area longer