AquaPure - 1kg Stain Remover

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AquaPure Stain Remover is the perfect Multi-action stain remover that Aids in the prevention and removal of, scale, stains, and discoloured water.


  • Removes iron, copper, manganese and rust stains

  • Also removes organic stains such as algae stains, leaf stains and mould in vinyl liners

  • Use as an all-over treatment for stain removal or as a spot treatment

  • Multi-action stain removers are formulated to tackle different types of stains, such as metal stains (caused by iron, copper, manganese, etc.), organic stains (caused by leaves, algae, and other organic matter)

  • Stain-free pool surfaces contribute to a clean and inviting pool appearance. By effectively removing stains, the water will look clearer, and the pool area will look more appealing