AquaPure - 1L Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

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The filter keeps your pool clean but who cleans your filter?

AquaPure Filter Cleaner and Degreaser is a non-polluting water soluble cleaner that is readily biodegradable. It is very effective in removing oils and fats by breaking them down and solubilising them allowing the filter media to be easily cleaned by rinsing and backwashing.


  • Manufactured from a plant extract (100% natural ingredients) Eco Friendly, Nontoxic & Biodegradable

  • Solubilising fats and oils allowing the filter media to be easily rinsed and backwashed

  • Works in all filter media types, Sand, Glass, Zelbrite, Cartridge, and DE Septum’s

  • Quick, simple, and easy to use for the consumer or the service tech

  • Can be added directly to the skimmer whilst in backwash mode, or for cartridge and DE septum’s mix in a bucket and soak for 30 minutes