AquaPure - 1L General Purpose Algaecide & Clarifier

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AquaPure General Algaecide & Clarifier is a uniquely formulated and highly concentrated, heavy duty metal free algaecide with a built-in clarifier to be used in swimming pools, fountains, and ponds. The inexpensive, economical polymer is widely regarded as the most effective algaecide to combat a green pool and can remove all forms of algae.

AquaPure General Purpose Algaecide & Clarifier can also be used as an off-season winterizing treatment.


  • Inexpensive: only small dosage needed - effective algaecide to combat algae and green pools

  • Metal Free Element: allows the product to be used in Ionised pools, and is effective at both high and low pH levels

  • Anti Foam: It will not foam unlike other non metal based algaecides, and is Compatible with all sanitisers, surfaces, and chemicals

  • Sanitising effectiveness: Its compatibility ensures to not interfere with the sanitizing and disinfecting effectiveness of halogenated products, like chlorine and other sanitising systems such as biguanide