AquaPure - 1L Maintainence Algaecide

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Maintenance Algaecide is an extra-strength algaecide especially formulated to kill and control algae where there are severe problems. 

AquaPure Maintenance Algaecide's active ingredients make it ideal for controlling all types of algae, including more resistant strains such as black algae. Designed to prevent algal growth and is often used as a winteriser.

Features & Benefits

  • Effective against all strains of algae, even the usually more resistant strains.

  • Compatible with chlorine and has negligible effect on pH, total alkalinity, and hardness.

  • Once added, it remains effective for three months - therefore ideal for ‘winterising’ pools.

  • Extra-strength formulation - great for stubborn algae problems.

  • It can be used all year round