AquaPure - 4kg Hardness Raiser

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AquaPure Hardness Increaser raises the hardness of water (the concentration of dissolved calcium) in your pool thus preventing the pitting of concrete-based pool walls and erosion of mortar and tile grout.

Reduces damage to Marblesheen and pebble finished pools, caused by low levels of calcium.

- Benefits
Contributes to proper calcium levels and can contribute to water clarity by helping to prevent cloudiness or turbidity. Balanced water chemistry, including appropriate calcium levels, reduces the likelihood of scaling and mineral deposits, which can contribute to cloudy water.

- Non-hazardous chemical

- Assists in the protection of concrete pool surfaces

- Excellent at increasing the level of water hardness

- Totally soluble in pool water

- Has a shelf life of several years if stored in cool, dry conditions

- Will not affect the pH or total alkalinity