Evolution - EvoChlor Series A35TS, with Battery Timer

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The EvoChlor A35TS Self Cleaning Salt Chlorinator which produces 35G / Hour of chlorine.

This chlorinator can be used in conjunction with Revive Magnesium Minerals and is Australian designed and manufactured, engineered and built for the toughest Australian conditions.

The EvoChlor has a technologically advanced digital micro processing PCB and works with standard salts swimming pool salt and Revive magnesium minerals . The EvoChlor A35TS has a user friendly and easy to set clock. Is energy efficient with low kw consumption, has no internal fuse / external reset button.


  • Suitable for pools up to 85,000 lts
  • Can be used with salt and magnesium Minerals
  • Mechanical timer
  • Led output display
  • 3 year warranty