Henden - 550 Blue Solar Pool Cover 9m x 4.5m

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550 micron thickness provides longer lasting protection than thinner pool covers.
Traps and retains the suns heat and can increase the temperature of your pool by around 6-8 Deg C, while reducing heat loss by up to 75%.

Reduces up to 95% of water evaporation, potentially saving thousands of litres of water a month during Summer.
Reduces your chemical consumption and the degrading impact of the suns UV rays.
Reduces maintenance and keeps your pool free of debris, including dirt, leaves and insects.
Compliant with ISO14001 environmental standards
Contains up to 15% post-industrial recycled content and is a 100% recyclable product.
Approved by Climate Care Certified, Smart Approved WaterMark and SPASA Water Neutral Pool.

Specification Sheet - Solar Pool Cover