Henden - Cartridge Filter 100

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  • 4 oz Mesh weight for fine filtration and high water quality

  • Manual air bleed enables the filter to be de-pressurised before opening for cleaning

  • A.B.S. tank construction is robust, UV resistant and non-corrosive for long life

  • Quality pressure gauge makes it easy to see when the element requires cleaning

  • Filter lid is retained by a lock ring which enables easy access for element cleaning

  • Choice of two inlet ports enables the inlet plumbing to be installed at either 90 degrees or 180 degrees to the outlet for greater flexibility in installation


General Information

  • Model Number: HCF100


Technical Information

  • 6 Hour Turnover (Litres): 144000L

  • Maximum Flow Rate (lpm): 340


Pressure Information

  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 280 kPa


Temperature Information

  • Maximum Water Temperature: 50 Deg C


Warranty Information

  • 10 Year Quality Guarantee

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