Palintest - Calcicol 1+2 (250pk)

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Monitor your pool's calcium hardness levels with the Palintest Calcicol Test Tablets 1 & 2 Pool Water Test Tablets. With a good supply of Palintest Calicol Test tablets, never miss a test again! 

Photometer tablet reagents are available in Replacement Packs with 250 test tablets. Keep your tablets up to date to ensure you get an accurate reading


  • Avoid touching the tablets with your fingers as this will lead to inaccurate results.
  • Colour matching must be done as soon as the tablets have dissolved in the water sample.
  • After each measurement, rinse the Testing Kit Container thoroughly to prevent errors by cross examination.
  • Use genuine Palintest test tablets with your Palintest Photometer Test Kit to ensure the most accurate test results are achieved.


  • The reagent tablets are only to be used for chemical analysis
  • The reagent tablets must not be used for any other purpose
  • Keep the tablets out of reach of children