Theralux - Quantum AOP - 110W

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Natural, fresh water with no toxic by-products.

Designed to simulate a process scientists call “nature's silver bullet”, Quantum Purity uses a powerful, environmentally friendly technique tried and tested in world-class hospitals, environmentally sensitive clean-up operations, and municipal drinking water facilities. Quantum Purity, safely destroys all bacteria, micro-organisms, pathogens, and viruses by using hydroxyl radicals, a molecule found naturally in your body’s immune system, to completely neutralise undesirable contaminants.  Quantum is completely safe and significantly more powerful than chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, UV, Ionisers, and ozone. 

Built to be installed easily and retrospectively into your existing swimming pool filtration system.

Model options: All Quantum units are supplied complete with flow sensor, analogue lamp life indicator and reset switch.

Quantum Purity Brochure