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Element and Element Activate mineral salts are a magnesium enriched blend of pool salt designed to enhance your bathing experience and give the water a silky smooth feel with better water clarity

Enhance your bathing experience

To create a greater bathing experience for all saltwater pool owners, Zodiac is pleased to bring to market a line of mineral-based premium salts called ElementTM.

ElementTM mineral salt is a sodium based, magnesium enriched blend designed to make the bathing experience much more enjoyable for all skin types. It creates a silky smooth feeling in the water that is very pleasant to swim in. Plus the natural flocculent effect of magnesium chloride keeps your pool water crystal clear

ElementTM Activate mineral salt is a startup blend use when converting a current saltwater pool to becoming an ElementTM mineral salt pool. Very heavily dosed with magnesium this blend helps condition the water from the 'get go' giving the pool water the softer feeling quickly. Once ElementTM Activate is dosed (using the recommendation from your pool care professional), when you need to 'top up' your salt level, simply just use the standard ElementTM blend. Although Element can be used with any saltwater chlorinator Zodiac recommends using the TRi-XO CrossOver, with its unique dual menu system.

Easy conversion for all types of pools

Whether you are currently using traditional saltwater chlorination or you manual does liquid or granular chlorine, converting to a mineral salt system is easy. Below are tables that will help guide you thru the setup process, whether converting from salt or fresh water

Is there anything special to test for when using Element minerals salts

Yes, Element pools add a high magnesium content to the water, which will contribute to your hardness levels (commonly tested for as 'calcium hardness') when having a water test conducted. It is imperative that you mention to your pool shop that you are using Element mineral salts so they are aware of this change in water chemistry. We recommend downloading this water test sheet and taking it with you to your pool shop when you have your water tested.